The original soundtrack album for Home, a hyper-naturalistic coming-of-age drama set in suburban Brussels. Belgian director Fien Troch’s acclaimed cinema verite picture, captures with clarity & eloquence the reality of the film’s restless teenage subjects — an expression of feeling closer to emotional truth than the cold facts of realism. “Music in films is often pushing you to where you reject what you see,” Troch says. “It is often obvious or illustrative, causing the desired symbiosis of picture & sound to dry out & die off. But Johnny is extremely strong in translating the narrative of the film, & the emotions that come along with it, into a new lyrical universe.” This album is that translation.
Home is a record divided in two. On side one, Chromatics present two familiar classics stripped to the bone for the film, Kill for Love’s “Paradise” & “Running from the Sun”, as well as the nostalgic melancholy of “Magazine”. Symmetry is armed with a trio of violent instrumentals, including “Alligator”, “Countdown”, & the end credits propulsion of “The Magician”. Side two is a suite of minimalist ambient score work by Jewel himself, delicate & beautiful. “On a sonic level, Fien wanted the pop songs to come in and out of the film abruptly, similar to the improvised smartphone footage that the teens filmed themselves,” Jewel explains of the division. “She asked me to ride the line between hitting the viewer over the head with a pop song that immediately sweeps them into that world & then subconsciously creeping in through the back door with score where the viewer doesn’t even realize they’re hearing music.” Johnny Jewel received the George Delerue Award in Belgium for best original score, while Fien Troch was awarded Best Director at Venice Film Festival for the film.
Produced & Mixed By Johnny Jewel
Mastered By Mike Bozzi At Bernie Grundman Mastering
Cut By Bernie Grundman In Hollywood
Pressed On 180g Heavy Weight Vinyl In Ivory
Artwork By Johnny Jewel & Amira Daoudi


Chromatics “Magazine” (3:45)
Chromatics “Paradise” (2:19)
Symmetry “The Magician” (4:01)
Symmetry “Alligator” (2:23)
Symmetry “Countdown” (3:27)
Chromatics “Running From The Sun” (2:54)
Johnny Jewel “Home” (2:49)
Johnny Jewel “Subdivisions” (2:03)
Johnny Jewel “Trust” (1:49)
Johnny Jewel “Remorse” (4:37)
Johnny Jewel “Endless” (4:31)
Johnny Jewel “Isolation” (2:41)
Johnny Jewel “Decay” (1:19)
Johnny Jewel “Youth” (2:27)
Total Running Time (41:07)



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